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Jun. 13th, 2021

bb sloth ;~;


it's about time i made one of theseCollapse )

Feb. 21st, 2013

bb sloth ;~;

karma; gen (jonghyun-centric), pg-13

gen (jonghyun-centric, i guess)
pg-13 (language)

a/n: I'm back!! Took me a year and a half OTL last year I was just so busy with work and other rl stuff that I didn't get time to do anything ;; hopefully this makes up for it! I'll format it properly when I get to a computer

jonghyun ambles into the dressing room, whistling an obnoxious tune and setting his bag down on the nearest chair when he notices the others silently gathered around a clothing rack.

'what's going on?' he asks as he approaches them, clapping minho on the shoulder before trying to peer over him.

'what--oh, nothing,' minho replies in an oddly strangled voice, eyes fixed on a garment bag in front of him. taemin sniggers quietly off to the side as kibum starts defensively.

'i'm perfectly sure they had a reason to--'

'whatever it's supposed to be,' jinki interrupts smoothly, 'i'm sure it ties in with the concept, all right? so let's drop it and just get dressed.'

he reaches for the bag labeled 'onew' as he adds, 'jonghyun, don't just stand there, go get ready.'

jonghyun's bag turns out to be the one minho was looking at earlier. he can feel minho staring at him as he retreats to a corner of the room to open the bag.

'seriously, minho, are you all right?'

'i'm fine, hyung, just get dressed,' minho says without missing a beat.

puzzled, jonghyun opens the bag--and recoils, letting out a small scream.

'FLOWERS? Are you serio--oh my GOD,' he shrieks as he gapes at the pants now lying on the floor in front of him.

'i told you he'd flip his shit,' minho crows from behind him. 'pay up, taemin!'

--four and a half hours later--

minho sits down gingerly, grumbling as jonghyun confidently struts past him in his new pants.

'what's got your panties in a twist?' jonghyun calls back over his shoulder. 'pun not intended, of course.'

'shut up,' minho retorts. 'you could help a guy out, man, cover for me, i've had this wedgie for the past hour!'

'no can do,' jonghyun replies sunnily as he opens the door and is met by an obviously excited girl who minho has never seen before. '/i/ have a date.'

minho stares at the closing door in disbelief.

'i hate my life.'

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Dec. 9th, 2011

bb sloth ;~;

(no subject)

fat2min returnsCollapse )

but since my layout hates large photos, click here

Sep. 23rd, 2011

bb sloth ;~;

it's a pirate's life for me; jonghyun/minho, pg-13

it's a pirate's life for me
pg-13 (language)

a/n: i'm alive! and this is not one of my better pieces OTL i don't even know if this makes any sense LMAO i should get back to my wips now ;;;

in which jonghyun is enigmatic and minho wants to dieCollapse )

Aug. 30th, 2011

bb sloth ;~;

onho fanmix!

let's keep this between you and me
an onew/minho (not-so-secret line) fanmix

[translations may not be accurate, feel free to correct them ;;]

click on the title to download the track
or download all tracks + the cover as a .rar [link at the end of the post]

here we goCollapse )

aaaaaaaaaaa i've been wanting to do this for a while now! and my song choices seem all over the
place LMAO but idk these two always seem a mix of cheesy and melancholy and sometimes a hint of desperation? to me, at least ;;
and thank you to marshmallowtea to hastily putting together a cover, since my art skills are limited to trolling on ms paint OTL

Jul. 12th, 2011

bb sloth ;~;

regrets; minho/key, g

132 words

a/n: i'm on a roll tonight!! and please don't think i hate block b, i just had to say it orz;;;
oh and the photo minkey are referring to is this one

sometimes key just needs to keep his mouth shutCollapse )
bb sloth ;~;

yet another random drabble

94 words

a/n: idek anymore. more late-night drabbling courtesy of marshmallowtea

jinki's a bit slow. but it's okayCollapse )

Jul. 2nd, 2011

bb sloth ;~;

rage; gen, g

gen (onew + minho, feat. miss a suzy and t-ara jiyeon)
321 words

a/n: half-assery at 3am thanks to yampanda n___n;

in which minho is a scary beast, all because of le futbolCollapse )

Jun. 27th, 2011

bb sloth ;~;


ok so this is something i've been playing with for a while. it's total crack, tentatively titled "i believe there's something growing out of my ass." don't get the wrong idea, though. :3
there's more but i thought i would post a bit and see what you guys think

in which jinki wakes up with an additional body part and his bandmates take it much better than he doesCollapse )

Jun. 11th, 2011

bb sloth ;~;

rain (why life would be better without sasaengs), ot5, g

rain (why life would be better without sasaengs)
291 words

a/n: if only. unbetaed, you know the drill. ;;

//edit: thanks to yampanda's suggestion, listen to this while reading. ^^

everything stops for them the moment they hear raindrops hit the windowpane.Collapse )

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